Dear Visitors,

It becomes our concern to help our customers profitably implementing IT in their organization. IT is an enabler for all entities. Government, Business or personal are now in high demand on using IT. Government to increase their performace in operational activities and providing service to the citizens, business in increasing their effectiveness and efficiency, and personal in supporting their daily life.

PT. Cakra Persada Mahardika promises to provide super IT solutions and services. In doing so, we have occupied us with young talented professionals and supported ourselves by developing mutual partnership with leading ITprincipals such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Avocent, etc.

We also believe that in servicing our customers, providing ideal and cost effective alternatives will help our customers aligining their IT needs with the business goals and the budget provided.

At the end, we would like to thank our customers for the mutual relationship we have developed and maintained. We believe that your trust invesment in choosing us to service you will yield a better improvement to your IT experience.

Yours truly,